A Spiritual Skeleton 5-24-14

The things that keep the spirit going
Don’t involve prayer or worship
You don’t have to beg and plead

What keeps the spirit going
Is living
It’s the simple things
In day to day life
That keeps evil at bay
At least that’s what Gandalf would say.

A hobbit smoking his pipe
An elf playing her harp
Or a child climbing a tree

What keeps the spirit going
Is happiness
Hanging out with friends
And doing the things
You look forward to every year.

This is the spiritual skeleton
That keeps a place of spirit going
The way the world is today
These places need money to survive.

But what is the point
When the spirit is dying
As a consequence?

We need happy children
Just as we need music
We need lively animals
Just as we need
A tree to lean on.

It is the simple things
We take for granted
That make up the skeleton.

But what happens
When a bone is knocked out of place?
When the children leave?
When the animals and trees die?

What happens when
A person who loves nature
Loves people
And loves a place of spirit
Can no longer afford to be there?
And doesn’t even want to be there?

It is true that without a body
We have no life for survival
But when the spiritual skeleton is lost
There is no foundation for the body.

A spiritual skeleton
Is made up of what we love
Not necessarily what the world
Wants us to need.

So by all means
Work to survive
Ask for money
To keep a place of spirit going.
But don’t ever forget
What it’s all for.
Without a skeleton
There is no life
If a place has no life
It has no spirit.


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