About My Last Post (The Power Of Our Generation)

In response to my previous post I was told that while it is good to speak up about important things, I need to be cautious and wise about the way in which I speak. Apparently teens have been taken into custody for blog content similar to my previous post. I don’t want to take it down because I feel it’s something that needs to be said and heard. And as is proven by the picture I included in said post, I’m not the first person to say these things, I just said it in a different way and added my own energy to it. But I do understand how to certain people it could be viewed in a way in which it was not intended. So, while I know that the world needs to change and I feel and hope that change is happening and coming, here is my disclaimer. At this time I am in no way a part of any protests and have no intention of partaking in any protests. I have no plans of any actions against the government or anything else that could be inferred from my previous post. I’m just someone who sees what is happening in the world and sees potential for real change, whether it comes in this generation or the next. Anyway, that might not be a perfect disclaimer but I just wanted to make sure that it’s known that I live a peaceful insignificant life and that the opinions I post don’t represent anything that should incite concern.


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