The Life of a Beacon

The Life of a Beacon

To be a beacon
Is to be strong
To help those around you
To share wisdom and support

But even the strongest flame
Can waver in the wind
Even the strongest flame
Sometimes needs a shield

But when you are a beacon
You fear failure
You fear letting others down
You don’t want them to see you waver

But what strength is there
Without vulnerability
There is no flame
Without oxygen
And someone to light it

And on those windy nights
The flame needs a shield
We all need support
Our beacon most of all

So if you are a beacon
Always supporting everyone around you
When you waver or falter
Don’t hide it

Don’t push through
When you know you can’t make it alone
Let yourself be shielded
Let us support you

For we would never
Be worth your support
If we didn’t

Never underappreciate your beacon
Because they will never
Underappreciate you

When the flame
Of the beacon wavers
It is our turn
To be the beacon


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