Let Me Be Free and I Will Learn

My previous post is about today’s broken education system.  This poem perfectly compliments that post.

Let Me Be Free And I Will Learn

My mind works
In its own mysterious ways.
There are some things
That I can do
And some I can’t.
They try to help me
And I know they mean well,
But they just
It takes all my control
Not to scream in rage.
To run out of the room
Like a caged lioness
Finally escaping.
You can’t contain
One with imagination.
I could so easily free myself,
Lose myself to my imagination.
As I once nearly did.
But I didn’t.
I grounded my feet
And kept my head in the clouds.
Doesn’t that mean something?
Can’t they understand?
Let me learn
In the way that I can
And I will learn.
I gave this world
A second chance.
I do love this world,
But my mind will always work
In it’s own mysterious ways.


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